Regulatory Agency

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

  • Licensing and Permitting: (850)-488-3641
  • Regional Offices
    • Northwest: (850)-265-3676
    • North Central: (386)-758-0525
    • Northeast: (352)-732-1225
    • Southwest: (863)-648-3200
    • South: (561)-625-5122

License Details

There is no NWCO license required in Florida

Those who have a valid trapping license may voluntarily register their names to be put on the Wildlife Trapper list

Trappers that would like to remove mice, rats, squirrels, bats or pest birds should contact the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DOACS) before engaging in that type of work.

Laws and Regulations

  • Anyone possessing or transporting live venomous reptiles is required to have a License to Possess or Exhibit Venomous Reptiles and/or Reptiles of Concern.
  • Nongame, non-listed, nonnative, and otherwise non-protected wildlife may be trapped.
  • A Steel Trap Permit is required to use padded jaw steel traps for the purpose of taking nuisance coyote, fox, bobcat, beaver, raccoon, opossum and otter.
  • Trappers do not need a DOACS license to remove other nuisance wildlife such as bobcats, foxes, raccoons, opossums, armadillos, snakes, etc.
  • You do not need to notify or obtain FWC authorization to take destructive or nuisance wildlife from private property with the consent of the property owner.
    • The exceptions apply to the taking of nuisance alligators; deer; bears; bats; most migratory birds, their nests or eggs; or state-listed or federally listed species of special concern, threatened or endangered species. 
  • Trapping regulations must be followed, excluding seasons

Laws Regarding Translocation

Animals may only be released if:

  • The nuisance wildlife is released on the property of the landowner provided the release site and capture site are located on one contiguous piece of property
  • The nuisance wildlife is a native species
  • The property where the nuisance animal is to be released is located within the county of capture and is a minimum of 40 contiguous acres
  • The person releasing the nuisance wildlife is in possession, at time of release, of written permission from the property owner allowing such action.

Hunting and Trapping License

If a firearm will be used as a control method or a method of euthanasia, a hunting license is required.

If trapping equipment will be used, a trapping license is required