Regulatory Agency

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

  • (800)-858-1549

License Details


Applicants must submit a $100 application fee

License Duration

The permit is valid from March 1st to the last day in February the following year

How to Apply

  • Pass a Department administered exam with a score of 70% or better
    • The exam is comprised of question regarding:
      The statutes and regulations pertaining to commercial nuisance wildlife control and trapping, the life history of commonly encountered nuisance wildlife species, Wildlife sign and nuisance scenarios; what species is responsible, and disease concerns with wildlife control
    • Study material
  • Examinations are independently scheduled by calling 800-858-1549
  • Submit a $100 application fee and fill out the Commercial Nuisance Wildlife Control Application
  • Provide proof of completion of the Kentucky Hunter Education Program or a course offered by another jurisdiction that meets the course standards set by the International Hunter Education Association if you will use a firearm for nuisance control purposes. People born before January 1st, 1975 are not exempted as they are when hunting.

Renewal and Reporting

Permits must be renewed annually

An annual report must be submitted regarding the previous year’s activity

Laws and Regulations

  • Cannot take the following species: White-tail deer, Elk, Black Bear, Wild Turkey
  • A NWCO shall have his permit in his possession at all times when taking or transporting wildlife
  • Report documents shall be made available to department staff upon request
  • A permitted NWCO wishing to sell the pelts of furbearers taken during the statewide furbearer hunting and trapping season shall also possess a valid trapping license or hunting license, if applicable
  • Not hold wildlife for more than forty-eight (48) hours except as otherwise provided by administrative regulations promulgated by the department
  • The department may, upon issuing a permit, specify that certain species shall be euthanized
  • The requirement that a species be euthanized may apply statewide or to certain geographical regions
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • A NWCO shall have his permit in his possession at all times when taking or transporting wildlife

Laws Regarding Translocation

Euthanize any rabies vector species captured within the enhanced rabies surveillance area before being moved

Animals may be released on private land of at least 100 contiguous acres

Trap Tags

Traps must have a metal tag with the name and address of the owner or the identification number issued by the department

Hunting and Trapping License

If a gun is being used as a method of euthanasia, a hunting license is required

If the NWCO is going to sell the pelts of furbearing animals, a trapping license is required