Regulatory Agency

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

  • (651)-296-6157 or Info.dnr@state.mn.us 
  • Regional Offices
    • Northwestern: (218)-308-2700
    • Northeastern: (218)-328-8780
    • Central: (651)-259-5635
    • Southern: (507)-359-6018

License Details


There are no fees associated with this permit

License Duration

The permit is valid from the date it is issued to the end of the year

How to Apply

  • Contact the regional office or write a letter that includes the name of the individual and the species they plan to work with

Renewal and Reporting

Permits must be renewed annually

Reports must be filed annually. If a report is not received the permit will not be renewed

Laws and Regulations

  • Permit holders must adhere to trapping regulations, with the exception of seasons
  • Beavers are not a species in which can be taken under this permit
    • A special permit must be obtained from a Conservation Officer to control beavers
  • Birds and snakes are not included on the permit
  • Those who possess a valid trapping license may keep the carcass and pelt of an animal if it has been trapped during its season
    • If the animal is kept, it must be counted towards the number of animals they may keep for the year. The pelt must also be registered
  • Methods of capturing or killing the animal must abide with local ordinances
  • If an individual is trapping nuisance coyotes, they must have a valid trapping license

Laws Regarding Translocation

In order to translocate an animal which has a closed season on it, they must obtain a license to do so.

The Nuisance Animal Permit does not allow for the transport of captured wildlife

The animal(s) can only be released on private land with permission from the landowner

Trap Tags

Traps must have some form of identification on them

Hunting and Trapping License

A hunting license is not required to obtain this permit

A trapping license is not required to obtain this permit. However, if one is trapping during the closed season for that animal and wants to keep the pelt or the carcass, a trapping license is required.