Mississippi – Nuisance Wildlife Trapping/Relocating Permit Application


Jackson Office 

1505 Eastover Drive 

Jackson, MS 39211 – 6322 


TO:Nuisance wildlife control permittee 

FROM:Anthony Ballard- Nuisance Species Program Biologist 

SUBJECT: Nuisance Wildlife Trapping/Relocating Permit Application. 

Thank you for your interest in nuisance wildlife removal.  Please note that this permit is only valid for animals classified as game animals, furbearers, nuisance species, and bats.  This permit basically serves as a legal means to trap, capture and possess these animals beyond the scope of typical hunting/trapping possession laws.  Unless otherwise permitted, all animals should be relocated on property from which permission has been given to release such animals.  Euthanization and lethal removal methods are restricted for game animals, furbearers and bats due to lack of training and certification requirements of this permit.  Lethal methods are allowed for nuisance animals (beaver, nutria, wild hogs, coyote, skunk, and fox).  The requirements of this permit are subject to change at any time. 

All employees actively engaged in trapping nuisance wildlife under your permit must possess a valid Mississippi Trapping  License. 

An updated list of all NWCO permittees is maintained at all MDWFP District Offices.  When customers call our offices for nuisance wildlife assistance, personnel may provide your contact information to the customer based upon location proximity or your area of expertise.   

Annual Reports are required of each permittee.  These reports must be submitted at the end of the year and are due by December 7. Please report activity of your permit from December thru November (please submit a report regardless of amount of activity).  Permits will not be renewed for those who fail to comply with the report. 

If I can be of further assistance, please call. 

Anthony Ballard- Nuisance Species Program Biologist 

MDWFP Bureau of Wildlife 

1505 Eastover Drive  

Jackson, MS 39211 

Email: anthonyb@mdwfp.state.ms.us 

(O)   601-432-2242 

(fax) 601-432-2203