Regulatory Agency

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

  • Headquarters: (402)-471-0641
  • District Offices
    • Northwest: (308)-763-2940
    • North Platte: (308)-535-8025
    • Norfolk: (402)-370-3374

License Details


There are no fees associated with the Commercial Damage Control Permit

License Duration

Permits are valid for a year

How to Apply

  • Contact Game and Parks Commission to receive the application

Renewal and Reporting

Permits must be renewed annually

A report must be submitted annually including information such as: number of animals caught, number of species caught, was the animal released or euthanized, and method of euthanasia.

  • The report must contain the name and permit number of the individual
  • If the report is not submitted this is a cause to not allow renewal of permit
  • Send the reports to: Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, P.O. Box 30370, Lincoln, NE 68503-0370
  • If questions arise, contact Julia Nawrocki at (402)-471-1729

Laws and Regulations

  • Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators must follow trapping regulations with an except to regulations regarding seasons
  • Fox squirrels and such wild mammals which are considered furbearers may be euthanized only by those who hold a valid Wildlife Damage Control Permit
  • During upland game bird seasons, it is unlawful to use snares on any land owned or controlled by Game and Parks, on Open Fields and Waters Program lands, on U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service waterfowl production areas or on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land at Harlan County Reservoir unless the snare is set completely underwater.
  • Nebraska law states that body gripping traps with a jaw spread over 8″ must be placed under water

Laws Regarding Translocation

Animals cannot be released more than 100 yards from where they were caught

Trap Tags

Traps must have the following information stamped or inscribed legibly onto the trap, or on a metal tag that is affixed to the trap: Valid driver’s license number of the owner and the owner’s Nebraska State Identification Card number

Hunting and Trapping License

A hunting license is not required to obtain this permit

A trapping license is not required to obtain this permit