Regulatory Agency

Nevada Department of Wildlife

  • Headquarters: (775)-688-1500
  • Regional Offices
    • Las Vegas, (702)-486-5127
    • Reno, (775)-688-1506
    • Elko, (775)-777-2300
    • Fallon, (775)-423-3171
    • Winnemucca, (775)-623-6565
    • Ely, (775)-289-1655 ext. 21

License Details


There are no fees to obtain this permit

How to Apply

  • Fill out the application
  • Allow 30 days for the application to be processed

Laws and Regulations

  • The permit is nontransferable
  • Permittees must follow Nevada trapping regulations, excluding seasons

Laws Regarding Translocation

It is illegal to translocate a trapped live animal

Hunting and Trapping License

A hunting license is required if a firearm will be used as a method of control or euthanasia

A trapping license is required if a furbearing species is being caught