New Hampshire

Regulatory Agency

New Hampshire Fish and Game

  • Phone: (603)-271-3421
  • Address: 11 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03301
  • If you need technical assistance or help with a wildlife conflict, call USDA Wildlife Services at (603)-223-6832 or contact a wildlife biologist at a NH Fish and Game Regional Office
  • For information regarding trapping, contact wildlife biologist Patrick Tate at (603)-868-1095

License Details


  • A habitat fee is required once annually: $2.50
  • WCO Level I License: $15.00
  • WCO Level II License: $135.00
  • Non-resident WCO license cost: $400.00

License Duration

WCO license are effective from July 1st through June 30th

How to Apply

  • Obtain a trapping license, for both levels
  • Click here for information on trapping courses
  • If applying for Level II license, an individual must attend a 6-hour workshop
  • Workshops are held once a year in January, to see when the next class is click here
  • For more information or to be put on a mailing list for future WCO certification classes, contact (603)-271-2461 or email
  • Submit a WCO Licensing Application

Renewal and Reporting

An annual report of all animals trapped must be submitted. A report must be submitted even if nothing was trapped.

This report includes bat exclusions

If a report is not sent by the required date, then the license may be subject to not being renewed

Annual Report Form

Laws and Regulations

  • Call USDA Wildlife Services at (603) 223-6832 for advice on dealing with nuisance animals. Their trained staff will guide you to a workable solution.
  • All traps/snares must have the name of the person setting them, either stamped or engraved in a legible and permanent manner on the trap or on a durable tag securely affixed to the trap or snare or chain holding the trap. 
  • The NH Fish and Game Department does not lend out traps due to the potential for injury from bites, scratches, and disease exposure.
  • Snares may be used for taking beaver and otter. Snares shall only be set in water or under ice. 
  • While checking traps at night, no person shall have in possession a rifle, revolver or pistol larger than a .22 caliber long rifle, air rifle larger than 25 caliber, or a shotgun with shells larger than number 4 birdshot.

Laws Regarding Translocation

Species can be translocated with written permission from the property owner where the animal is going to be released, prior to releasing the animal.

Animals cannot be translocated across state lines

Trap Tags

Traps are required to have the name of the owner engraved into the trap or affixed to the trap by a durable tag

Hunting and Trapping License

A hunting license is not required to obtain this license

A trapping license is required to obtain this license