New Jersey

Regulatory Agency

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Division of Fish & Wildlife

  • Wildlife Permits Unit: (609)-984-6213
  • Wildlife Control: (908)-735-8793
  • Wildlife Relocation Permits: (609)-292-2965
  • Wildlife Management: (609)-292-6685
  • License System Questions:

License Details


There is a $22.00 fee associated with the permit

License Duration

Permits are valid from the date they are issued to December 31st of the same calendar year

How to Apply

  • Fill out the application and submit the fee with the application

Renewal and Reporting

Permits must be renewed annually

A report of all activities must be submitted within 31 days of the permit expiring

Laws and Regulations

  • Written permission must be obtained from the landowner prior to conducting depredation control activities
  • Depredation Control of nongame Migratory Birds requires a current applicable Federal Fish and Wildlife Depredation Control Permit as well as a New Jersey State Depredation Control Permit
  • A photocopy of the current permit must be carried in the field at all times
  • Upon request the permit shall be shown to authorized personnel
  • No unauthorized people should be included in Depredation Control activities

Laws Regarding Translocation

All releases should be done within a 2 mile radius of capture

Releases of adult rabies vector species must take place within the township of origin in suitable habitat and with permission from the landowner. No releases within the township may be greater than a 10-mile distance from the capture site for raccoons and foxes, and 5 miles for skunks and woodchucks.

No release of animals is permitted on federal, state, county or municipal land without prior permission.

Trap Tags

Traps must have engraved or firmed affixed to them, the name and phone number or the owner