Regulatory Agency

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

  • (503)-947-6000
  • Wildlife Division
    • 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE, Salem, OR 97302
    • (503)-947-6301
    • ODFW.WildlifeInfo@state.or.us

License Details


There is a $25 fee for each time the exam is taken

There is a $64.50 fee that should be sent in with the application and again every time the permit is renewed

License Duration

Permits are valid for two years

How to Apply

  • Submit an application
    • If the application is approved, submit the $64.50 fee, this fee is valid for two years
  • Call the local ODFW office and schedule an appointment to take the exam
    • A score of 80% or higher is required

Renewal and Reporting

A permit is valid for two years. The permit must be renewed by submitting a $64.50 non-refundable fee. They must also retake the exam, paying $25, or provide documentation that they have taken 12 hours of Department approved continuing education during the two previous calendar years.

A complete record of the WCO activities must be maintained by permit holder on a WCO calendar-month report form provided by the Department for all wildlife captured on a WCO permit. A copy of each signed affidavit must be submitted with monthly report.

WCO monthly report must be received by the Department by the 15th day of the following month.

Reports are required for periods when no wildlife control activity occurred during the month.

Laws and Regulations

  • Individual must be 18 years of age at the time of the exam
  • Animals that can be trapped under a Wildlife Control Operator Permit are:
    • “Furbearers” are beaver, bobcat, fisher, marten, mink, muskrat, otter, raccoon, red fox, and gray fox.
    • “Unprotected Mammals” means badger, coyote, gophers, moles, mountain beaver, yellowbellied marmots, nutria, opossum, porcupine, spotted skunk, striped skunk, and weasel.
    • “Predatory animals” means coyotes, rabbits, rodents, feral swine, Starling, House sparrows, and Eurasian Collared Doves which are or may be destructive to agricultural crops, products and activities
  • A WCO permit is not required for any person younger than 18 years of age that is directly associated with a business that has at least one employee that has passed the WCO test who is mentoring the young individual.
  • Individuals or employees of businesses holding a WCO Permit must have the permit or a copy, in possession while conducting wildlife control activities and make the permit available for inspection upon request by any Department employee or any person authorized to enforce wildlife laws.
  • Wildlife captured, held, or transported under the terms of the WCO permit shall not be intentionally displayed for public exhibit.
  • Landowner or occupier of premises must sign an affidavit of damage designating the permitted WCO as his or her agent to address damage caused by any wildlife.
  • Cage traps or restraining traps shall be inspected for capture success at a minimum of once every 48 hours.

Laws Regarding Translocation

Nutria, Eastern Gray Squirrels, Eastern Fox Squirrels, and Virginia Opossum must be euthanized and cannot be released onsite

A WCO can relocate snakes listed in 635-435-0010 (2), Western Gray Squirrel, Marten, Ringtail, Fisher and Badger and Beaver with prior approval from the Department. All other animals must be euthanized or released on-site.

Trap Tags

Traps must have the business name and phone number, the owner’s furtaker license, or the WCO number assigned by ODFW on it

Hunting and Trapping License

A hunting license is not required to obtain this permit. However, if a firearm is to be used a hunting license is required

A trapping license is not required to obtain this permit