Regulatory Agency

Pennsylvania Game Commission

  • License Division: (717)-787-2084 or
  • Headquarters: (717)-787-4250
  • Regional Offices
    • Northwest Region: (814)-432-3187
    • Southwest Region: (724)-238-9523 or
    • Northcentral Region: (570)-398-4744 or
    • Southcentral Region: (814)-643-1831
    • Northeast Region: (570)-675-1143
    • Southeast Region: (610)-926-3136


An application for examination shall be submitted on a form supplied by the Commission. A nonrefundable fee of $25 for each test shall be submitted with the application for new agents only. An additional $50 shall be submitted for each permit if the examination is passed.

How to Apply

  • New agents are required to obtain a minimum score of 80% on a supervised written examination approved by the Director
  • New or existing agents seeking certification to control white-tailed deer are required to pass an additional separate examination after passing the basic examination.
  • New or existing agents applying for certification shall take the required examination within 180 days of final approval of their applications by the Bureau of Wildlife Protection.
  • New or existing agents are eligible to take each certification examination a maximum of two times each permit year.

Laws and Regulations

  • An agent whose permit lapses for 2 or more years shall apply as a new applicant.
  • Dogs used to harass nuisance geese. The authorization to harass geese with dogs is prohibited at any time when goslings are present at the site and during the period from June 16 to July 20, when the majority of adult birds are flightless.
  •  The permit shall be carried at all times and presented upon the request of any officer whose duty it is to enforce this part
  •  Except as otherwise provided, it is unlawful to sell, trade, barter or transfer to another person any live or dead animal or parts taken under authority of this permit. Furbearer pelts are excluded from this provision provided the particular species is taken during the hunting or trapping season by the holder of a valid hunting or furtaking license as required.
  • An agent may not, without special written permission from the director, destroy or euthanize five or more bats at any one location.
  • It is unlawful to  control any white-tailed deer, black bear, elk, wild turkey, beaver, fisher, otter or bobcat without prior approval of the District Wildlife Conservation Officer.

Laws Regarding Translocation

Rabies vector species shall be euthanized in a humane manner rather than released

Nuisance wildlife captured alive shall within 24 hours be dispatched in a humane manner or released in an area open to hunting or trapping. Nontarget animals may be released at the site of capture

Trap Tags

Devices shall be tagged or labeled with the permit number, or trapper I.D. number. 

Hunting and Trapping License

If the permitee is selling the pelts of animals taken during the hunting season, a valid hunting license is required.

If the permitee is selling the pelts of animals taken during the trapping season, a valid trapping license is required.