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CNAP Application File

As of 4/13/20:

Due to concerns related to the COVID-19 virus, bats captured or handled by permittees may not be released and must be humanely dispatched. Also, bats that are injured, sick, or orphaned may no longer be transported to wildlife rehabilitators and must be humanely dispatched. These prohibitions do not apply to state or federally listed threatened or endangered (T&E) bat species (see section E.2.A). If you encounter a T&E bat species, please contact the Department immediately for further guidance.

4VAC15-30-50. Possession, Transportation, and Release of Wildlife by Authorized Persons.

Code of Virginia, §3.2-6500 – The Department does not have legal jurisdiction over companion animals including feral cats and dogs.

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries List of Native and Naturalized Fauna of Virginia April, 2018

§ 29.1-545. Possession, sale, offering for sale or liberation of live nutria.

§ 29.1-530. Open and closed season for trapping, bag limits, etc. However, a landowner or his agent may trap and dispose of, except by sale, squirrels creating a nuisance on his property at any time in any area where the use of firearms for such purpose is prohibited by law or local ordinance.

State or Federal Threatened or Endangered species

Migratory Bird Treaty Act Protected Species

§ 29.1-521. Unlawful to hunt, trap, possess, sell, or transport wild birds and wild animals except as permitted; exception; penalty. See part A7.

Virginia Guidelines for Rabies Prevention and Control

Snake distribution information in Virginia

4VAC15-30-7. Continuation of Permitted Activity.