Regulatory Agency

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

  • Wildlife & Forestry Division: (615)-781-6610
  • License Section & Agency Sales: (615)-781-5270
  • General Information: (615)-781-6500

License Details


License Duration

License are valid for a year and must be renewed on July 1st

Renewal and Reporting

All permit holders must renew their permits on July 1st of each year

Records shall be kept and shall include: the complete name and address of the person for whom services have been performed, types of control measures used, species and number of animals taken, and the disposition of each animal.

All records shall be submitted to the Wildlife Resources Agency on June 30th of each year

Laws and Regulations

  • Wildlife taken may not be sold, bartered, given away, or used for any purpose without prior approval of the TWRA
  • No permit holder may use control methods which may pose a threat to the health and safety of humans, domestic animals or other non-target wildlife.
  • Permit holders are authorized to use chemicals, traps, firearms, and other methods as approved by EPA, USDA, TWRA, local municipalities, and other authoritative agencies as applicable.
  • Issuance of a permit does not grant authority to control state and federal endangered and threatened species or other species specifically prohibited by the permit
  • Permit holders are authorized to control wildlife only with the written permission of the complainant and only on the premises of the complainant.
  • The permit shall list the names of all individuals designated to perform work under the authority of the permit
  • Any control measures undertaken by a permit holder shall be a contractual agreement between the permit holder and the complainant and TWRA shall not be liable for any damages caused by the permit holder. Permit holders are required to provide adequate liability insurance
  • If damage is being caused by a federally protected species, a permit must be obtained from USFWS prior to destroying such widlife

Laws Regarding Translocation

Translocation is illegal without a permit

Trap Tags

All traps, cages, and other tools left unattended by the permit holder must be clearly marked with the permit holder’s name, address, and permit number.

Hunting and Trapping License