Regulatory Agency

Vermont Fish and Game Department

  • General Information: (802)-828-1000 or
  • License Center: (802)-828-1190 or
  • Law Enforcement: (802)-828-1483
  • Wildlife Services: (802) 223-8690

License Details

How to Apply

  • Contact Vermont Fish and Game for an application
  • Fill out the application and send it back
  • Allow up to 30 days following the determination that the application is complete for application processing

Renewal and Reporting

There is a report within the application that must be sent in prior to taking action

Laws and Regulations

  • Applications for a depredation permit shall only be submitted after non-lethal management proves unsuccessful.
  • If a permit is issued, permittees will be expected to continue to integrate non-lethal techniques when implementing any lethal measures.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to apply.
  • Permit holders must follow Vermont Trapping Regulations, excluding seasons

Laws Regarding Translocation

In Vermont it is illegal to live trap nuisance wildlife and translocate the animals

Hunting and Trapping Regulations

A hunting license is not required to obtain this permit. However, if a firearm is being used as a control method or to euthanize the animal, a hunting license is required

A trapping license is not required to obtain this permit